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"Ribeira Negra" panel by Júlio Resende

"Ribeira Negra" is considered the best portuguese contemporary ceramic panel, recreating the atmosphere of the Ribeira district, one of the most emblematic places of the city of Porto.

This remarkable work of art with 40 meters long by 4.8 meters tall, challenged the artist (who at age of 70 has not abdicated to paint and write with is own hands), is strategically placed near the bottom plate of the D. Luiz bridge.

The panel "Ribeira Negra", which in the words of Professor and Art critic Bernardo Pinto de Almeida, is "the last great allegorical work done in Portugal" and "an epic celebration of the people who Resende embodies and honors through this representation”, was in poor condition.

The restoration was achieved by CRERE, who responded to the need for urgent action, in view of the conservation, restoration and maintenance of the panel and help to preserve this fundamental work of public art of Júlio Resende.

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"Ribeira Negra" panel "Ribeira Negra" panel "Ribeira Negra" panel "Ribeira Negra" panel "Ribeira Negra" panel "Ribeira Negra" panel "Ribeira Negra" panel